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Box for Mac Log In

  1. You will need to log in to Box Drive the first time you open it. Click on the Box icon icon and the Box log in window will pop up.
  2. Enter your Rutgers login credentials and click Log In. Box will redirect you to the Rutgers CAS login portal.
  3. Input your Rutgers NetID and password, then click LOGIN.

Box for Mac log in

Rutgers CAS on Box Mac desktop

After logging in, Box will display a quick walk-through of Box Drive features. You can either skip or complete the walk-through.

  1. Box should appear under both Favorites and Devices in the Finder side bar. Since Box is natively integrated with Mac Finder, it will automatically open a new Finder window.

NOTE: If you enabled Mobile Device Management on macOS 10.13.4+, please be sure to whitelist Box’s team ID:
Box Team ID: M683GB7CPW

Box on Mac’s navigation looks and feels very much the same as navigating through Finder.

Uploading Content to Box

To upload content to Box from Mac:

  1. Browse and select Files or Folders.
    • You can select multiple files for upload by holding the Command key while selecting files.
  2. Drag and drop files from your desktop to the Box folder. You can either:
    • Place files and folders in the Box folder
    • Select an existing folder to store content
    • Create a new folder to store content

Taking Content Offline

Folders stored on Box can be accessed from the cloud and taken offline and will be organized in one of three ways:

File availability on Box for Windows

The easiest way to take folders offline is to right-click on the folder and select Make Available Offline.

NOTE: You cannot take individual files offline, only folders.

Learn more about taking files offline

Searching for Files on Box

To quickly bring up a search window, select CTRL + OPTION + COMMAND + SPACE.

Box search prompt

The search window will appear, where you can input keywords and phrases to find the content you need.

Search bar in Box for Mac desktop

Learn more about conducting a search in Box

What Else Can I Do with Files on Box for Mac?

In order to access additional Box features, simply right-click on a file or folder. A list of options will come up.

right-click- files and folders for Box options

In addition to the standard features that Mac desktops offer, you can also:

  • Share links by email, or by copy and pasting shared links
  • Manage collaborators
  • View file on while taking advantage of Box for the web features

NOTE: If you attempt to open a Box Notes file, it will open on

How Do I Log Out of Box on Mac?

  1. Navigate to the search menu by going to the menu bar and clicking the Box icon.
    Alternatively, you can use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Option + Cmd + space.

Logout and Quit Box on Mac

  1. Click the gear icon, and from the list that displays click Log Out.
  2. Box Drive prompts you with an alert about the following types of files:
    • Open Files: You can save and close these files to prevent the loss of any work.
    • Items Uploading: You can wait for these to upload to Box. Box Drive cancels any uploads that do not complete before you log out.
    • Problem Items: These are local files or folders that cannot be synced back to Box. Logging out deletes these items. To view these items, navigate to the Search Menu, click the gear icon, and from the list that displays click Error Updating an Item…
  3. Whether or not you have any of the above alerts, in order to close you’ll need to check the box that states: I understand that any file that has not finished uploading will be lost when I log out.

What Happens When You Log Out of Box?

  1. Logging out completely removes all traces of your Box Drive usage from your machine and enables you to log in again as a new user.
  2. Your Box Drive session ends and the login screen displays.
  3. In addition, logging out of Box Drive deletes all of the downloaded content you had marked for offline availability.
    • This clears up hard disk space on your device.
    • It also returns all of the content you have marked for offline availability to an online-only state. You will then have to repeat the process of marking folders for offline availability.

Quitting Box Drive

Exiting Box Drive does not remove any locally stored Box Files from your computer and it does not log you out. When you exit, if there are changes in the midst of being saved, the next time you open Box Drive it picks up right where it left off and finishes saving these changes.

To Quit Box Drive on a Mac

  1. Navigate to the search menu by going to the menu bar and clicking the Box icon.
    • Alternatively, you could use the keyboard shortcut CTRL + OPTION + COMMAND + SPACE
  2. Click the gear icon to the bottom right, and from the list that displays, click, Quit.
  3. Follow the prompts to close any open files and confirm that you are quitting.

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