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In addition to your desktop, you can use the Box client on your various devices, including Android and iOS. Follow the below links in order to learn how to navigate and use Box.






NOTE: After April 30th, 2019, Box will end support for Box Tools, Notes for Desktop and Box Drive on Mac OS X 10.12. Per our OS support policy, we will maintain support for Box on the two latest versions of Mac OS X. To continue to enjoy Box support, please be sure you’re on a supported OS, either OS X 10.14 or OS X 10.13, after this EOL date. Following the EOL date, users will be able to access these applications on OS X 10.12, but will be entirely unsupported by Box, including all security patches.

Helpful Links

Install Box Tools

Collaborate with one another

Use Box Notes

General limitations when Using Box Drive

Embedding Box Widgets

Tracking user access stats on files

Using Box in your mobile browser

Using the Recents feature