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For the most part, delegated administrators in Box manage groups and shared folders rather than the accounts of individual users. However, there are several administrative capabilities available in CAT for delegated admins to work with their users’ accounts.

Which Users Can I Manage?

Currently, admin permissions in CAT are handled based on the domain a user’s UPN is in. You will need to be a delegated Connect administrator for this domain in order to make changes to the user. If you are not a delegated administrator for the appropriate domain in Connect, you can reach out to the appropriate delegated admins using the Connect delegated administrator contact list and ask them to make any necessary changes.

Use the Connect delegated administrator contact list to find the appropriate delegated admin.

What Can I Do?

As stated in the introduction, delegated administration of Box does not entail a great deal of individual user account management.

Delegated administrators can view information about a user’s Box account, including whether it has been activated, the date it was activated if applicable, any aliases associated with the account, and more.

Users’ Connect and aliases will be automatically synchronized to their Box accounts at regular intervals, but delegated administrators can click a button titled “Sync Box Aliases” to instantly sync aliases for a user. This feature will be removed once alias changes are instantaneous.

Delegated administrators can provision a Box account for one of their users, but that this should only be done for guests since they cannot select Box when they go through Service Activation.

Finally, delegated administrators have the ability to lock and unlock a user’s Box account. A NetID lock will automatically prevent the user from accessing their Box account, but in the event that your unit wishes to restrict a user’s Box access while allowing them to retain access to other NetID-based services they can selectively disable only a user’s Box account.

Additional Information

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