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Being a Box Group Admin

Only group admins are permitted to share to groups in the Rutgers implementation of Box. This is to prevent unwanted mass shares, especially to large groups. A person must be a group admin of a specific group in order to see it in the Admin Console, and must be a group admin of at least one group in Box to see the Admin Console at all.

Creating and Managing Box Groups

Group creation and member management are both done in Rutgers Active Directory (RAD) and then synchronized to Box. In order for you to be a group admin of the group in Box, your -adm NetID must be a member of the group in RAD. For more information on group synchronization, please see Group management in RAD synchronization (Extended Guide).

You can delete a group in Box, which will break any existing shares to the group. However, unless you also delete the group in RAD or move it out of any -box-sync groups in RAD as described in the link above, a new group with the same name and memberships will be re-created automatically.

Sharing to Box Groups of Which You Are a Group Admin

If you have sharing permissions for a file or folder in your unit’s shared account (this requires a co-owner or editor role, as detailed in Box’s guide to collaborator permissions), you can go to the Admin Console, select the group in question, click to edit the list of folders shared to the group, and add the folder you wish to be shared to the group.

Sharing to Box Groups of which You Are NOT a Group Admin

If you need to share a file to a Box group outside of your unit, this will require some coordination with delegated administrators for the unit managing the target group. Reach out to one of these admins, let them know you are sharing a file or folder to their admin account, share the file or folder to them, and ask them to share it with the target group.

If another unit’s delegated administrator wishes to share something to one of your groups, once they contact you and share the file or folder to your admin account then you can share it to your group as you would any file or folder you originally owned.

If you do not know who the delegated admins are for another unit, please refer the contact page for Rutgers Connect delegated admins. As of January 2019, the OIT Help Desk plans to expand the Rutgers Connect list, compiling a more comprehensive list of delegated administrator contacts for all services supporting administrative delegation. This guide will be updated to include this expanded list in the future.

Additional Information

Please contact if you have any additional questions or concerns.

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