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The General FAQ page contains information that will help you to navigate Box. Visit this page to learn more about Box basics, and troubleshooting issues you may have with the app.

Box has compiled a list of questions and answers concerning Box Drive search, which will help you to troubleshoot and get the most out of the search functionality. To troubleshoot Box Drive search issues, visit the page Box Drive Search is Not Working as Expected.

Because there is not a University-wide contract with DropBox, we cannot confirm if DropBox will continue to be supported for cloud storage. We are currently in the process of defining policy and support for University cloud storage.

Depending on compliance, authorization to use DropBox for restricted data may be prohibited. The University is currently developing a rubric to help faculty, students, and staff determine the appropriate uses for all endorsed storage services. More information will be provided once the project has advanced.

At this time, Rutgers users are authorized to use the Box tool to share content with outside entities, so long as both parties have a Box at Rutgers account. This regulation is in place in order to meet compliance policies.

Rutgers has approved that the Rutgers community use Anonymous Link Sharing (ALS) to send and receive files. Additional information on ALS and the related policy are forthcoming.

Additional information on the approved methods for sharing with collaborators outside of the University can be found on the Data Classification and Storage Matrix.

At this time, we have not officially determined the policy for which we are integrating Box with services like Canvas, but we hope to make this a possibility in the near future. More information will be provided once the project has advanced.

If you have been approved to test out Box in its pilot version, you should have been contacted by your delegated administrator about how to activate the service and how to login to access this account. We recommend reaching out to them for additional assistance.

If you are not on the Box pilot, you will not yet be able to access this service. At this time, early access has not yet been provided to users outside the pilot until the policy and support model has been defined. More information about accessing Box will be provided once the project has advanced.

You can contact your department IT representative. If you are unsure of who to contact, please reach out to the help desk.

Walk In  

Rutgers University – New Brunswick:
Hill Center for the Mathematical Sciences, Room 013
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Computer Lab Locations

Rutgers University – Newark: 
Hill Hall, Room 109
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Computer Lab Locations

Rutgers University – Camden:
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Hours of Operation

Phone: 848-445-HELP (4357)


Hours: 8:30am – 5:00pm, Monday-Friday

Box is an additional service that will be offered to the Rutgers Community. It will not replace OneDrive. OneDrive will still be an accessible service that can be used by Rutgers Connect account users.

We are currently in the development process of a “service matrix,” which will provide detailed recommendations for what cloud storage service to use (OneDrive, Google Drive, and Box) depending on your objective(s). More information will be provided once this project has advanced.

A “Delete” option is not available, only Restore. But Box is set to automatically delete files in the Trash after 60 (vs. the stock 30-day limit) days (unless under legal hold).

NOTE: From the Trash, you can recover files and folders that have been deleted.

Users are able to erase data off of their Box accounts, but content will remain on Rutgers servers for 60 days. For assistance scrubbing data from your account, contact your respective IT department help desk.

Don’t know who your respective IT department help desk is, use our IT help desk directory.

Whenever you upload a new version of a file to Box Edit, the app overwrites the file and stores previous versions for you to access any time. For more information, visit this Box page: Accessing Version History.

Once you leave Rutgers, you will no longer be able to access your Rutgers Box account.  You will be require to remove any data that you’re entitled take with you before your account is closed.


The Trash folder allows you to recover or empty the entire Trash folder, or perform actions on just a few items as needed.

To recover the entire folder, select Restore All from the top of the page. Recovered files and folders will be restored to the location from which they were deleted.

The following details are restored along with the file:
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Comments
  • Tasks
  • Share state (whether the shared link is enabled or disabled)
  • Collaborators
The following details are not restored:
  • Expiration setting on shared links
  • Expiration settings for deletion

NOTE: If the content you deleted is no longer in your Box Trash, please contact Box User Services and let us know what you are trying to recover. There is a 14-day grace period when content is removed from Trash during which User Services can recover your content. After this, we cannot guarantee that the files or folders will be recoverable.

There are a number of authorized apps that are available for use on Box. Please consult with your respective department head for a list of authorized apps.

Due to security and privacy, Rutgers has set restrictions on the use of certain applications, particularly third party applications. For more information about data security pertaining to Box at Rutgers, visit our page: Data sharing and security.

Box accounts are available to faculty, staff, students, guests, delegated admin and outside collaborators. Each have the same level of features and accessibility, while certain settings can be set dependent on the user type — e.g. Box group management for delegated admins.

Rutgers Box accounts are considered Box Enterprise-level accounts and boast certain features that make content sharing fast and convenient. For an overview of the Enterprise plan features, visit the Box Pricing for Businesses & Individuals.



Watermarking your files provides an extra level of data security. Box’s watermarking features places a semi-transparent overlay containing either: a) the recipient’s email address or b) IP address (dependent on whether the user was logged in or not) as well as the time the invitee accessed the documents.

Box provides its users with first rate security measures. To learn more about best practices for safe and secure file sharing, visit the page: Data Sharing and Security.

You can enable the App Passcode feature, which allows you to set a 4-digit PIN. A prompt will pop up after a chosen amount of time away from the app. Furthermore, you can enable TouchID and FaceID for the app. For additional information on how to achieve added security, such as requiring strong passwords, visit the page: Strong Password for External Collaborators.

If you have a question or are having trouble downloading content from Box, for answers and solutions, visit the Box page Common Issues with Downloading Files.


You can print Box Notes by following the instructions on the Box page Printing Box Notes. 

Box Notes is a handy function that enables you to write, edit and collaborate on simple documents — in real time. Box has compiled the Box Notes FAQ to help you to get the most out of the functionality.

Users are able to erase data off of their Box at Rutgers accounts, but content will remain on Rutgers’ servers for 60 days. For assistance scrubbing data from your account, contact your respective IT department help desk.


For a complete list of languages supported by Box, visit the Box Page Languages supported by Box.

To learn how you can use Metadata to organize your content and information, visit the Box page Using Metadata.



In order to add multiple files at the same time,

Box has compiled a FAQ concerning Box Edit that will help you to troubleshoot and get the most out of your Box for iOS account. Visit the page Box Edit Frequently Asked Questions.


Box has compiled a list of known issues regarding Box Edit. To view information related to Box Edit, visit the Known Issues with Box Edit and Box Tools.



Box created the term “Someone” to identify a certain type of user that has downloaded a shared file. Visit this Box page: “Someone” Downloaded My Files – What Does This Mean?

Visit the Box page: Cannot View “Sharing” or “Details” Tab for Content for information on how to expand your viewing options.

Box created the term “Someone” to identify a certain type of user that has downloaded a shared file. Visit this Box page: “Someone” Downloaded My Files – What Does This Mean?

If you are unable to upload a file to Box Drive, visit the page File Types Ignored or Blocked.



Box explains the differences between managed and external users on the page: Understanding the Differences between Managed and External Users.

Box has created a way to restrict users from creating externally shared folders. Visit the page: Restricting External Collaboration in your Enterprise for more information.

A collaborator is an individual who has been invited to a file or folder. Collaboration invites are a great way to share content for long term projects. This will allow you to invite people to a file or folder and monitor updates over time. In order to access a file or folder as a collaborator, a person will need a Box account. The file or folder will be listed under All Files when they log in to their Box account.

Box partnered closely with its Accessibility Advisory Board to create a platform that is accessible to as many people as possible. Visit the page Using A.Box for Accessibility for more information.

Each of the accounts have the same functions and your ability to keep your account depends on your university status.


The maximum file upload size for Rutgers Box accounts is 15GB. Please note that, if you are sharing content with users who don’t have a Box at Rutgers account, they have file upload size limitations. Refer to this web page Understand the Maximum File Size you can Upload to Box.

Box has compiled a page full of ways to troubleshoot content uploads. Visit the page Troubleshooting Uploads to Box.

Box supports the most recent major releases of web browsers and desktop/mobile operating systems (OS). Box built a page to help you to Understand the Box Policy for Browser and OS support.

Box users are able to create an external password in addition to SSO, but only through Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP). For more information and instructions, visit the Box page Box SSO Working with External Passwords.