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Rutgers recommends applying the following best practices to get the most out of Box. Policies for storing data in Box may differ, please refer to your respective department’s set of rules and guidelines.

Uploading Files

In the All Files section, you can upload files and folders one of two ways:

  1. Dragging files and folders from your desktop
  2. Pressing “click here” to locate and upload files and folders

File Size Limitations

Box at Rutgers offers unlimited storage for files, folders and content. However, Rutgers limits the file size for uploading an individual file to 15 GB. You should avoid uploading more than a single 15 GB file at a time. If you need to upload several large files at once, visit the Services for migrating files to Box page.

Naming Folders

Due to Box’s unlimited storage capability, you may end up with a large number of collaboration folders. It’s good to establish a consistent naming convention that will help you and your collaborators to classify, differentiate and organize your folders.

  1. Organize folders in chronological order by using date designations such as YYYYMMDD or YYMMDD. This format will keep all of your files in chronological order over the span of many years.
  2. We recommend categorizing file names by including the following information:
    • Project or experiment name or acronym
    • Contributor name or initials
    • Type of data
    • Conditions
    • File types by three-letter file extension, e.g., PDF
    • Course code number or departmental group abbreviation, e.g. BIO Lab Schedules

Collaborators added to sub-folders will not be able to see any parent folders in their view of Box. Therefore, it is best to continue your naming convention(s) in all sub-folders.

Folder and file names have a 255 character maximum.

How to Accept a Box Sharing Request

If you receive a sharing request from someone, log in to your Rutgers Box account before accepting it. You will then access Box through CAS without having to navigate to a login page requiring several additional clicks to log in.

Connect to Your Box Account from a Non-Rutgers/CAS Login Screen

  1. Enter your Rutgers email address with no password — any password you enter will be ignored. You will be redirected to CAS to log in with your Rutgers credentials.
  2. A few applications will not redirect you to CAS; these require you to enter an external password. Do not enter your Rutgers passphrase on any non-Rutgers login screen.

Managing Content

Make use of Box’s features for managing content:

  • Create bookmarks: Save any URL as a bookmark within your Box account — it’s a handy way to add useful external resource links to a particular folder.

Creating Bookmarks for more information

See the Box Community pages Managing Files and Folders.

Collaborating and Sharing Files

With Box’s powerful collaboration platform, you can share and work on documents with others. You can share files using two distinct methods: by inviting collaborators and sharing links.

Visit the Inviting collaborators page for more information on collaborating with Box.

File Locking

  • While working on a file in a collaborative space on Box, you can lock the file to avoid conflicting versions or out-of-date files. This is useful when working on a file in its native application, i.e., on your desktop or local computer. File locking allows you to:
    • Choose which collaborators can download a locked file.
    • Set an expiration time for the file to automatically become unlocked. This will help to ensure you unlock the file when you are finished with it in cases where others need to access it.
    • Unlock files that have been locked by other collaborators if you are an editor.

Using Box Notes

Box Notes is an online word processor that makes collaboration easier. Invite users to access Box Notes by sharing a link or inviting them to edit it. Even if they are not assigned as a folder collaborator. Other features include:

  • Real-time editing: Up to 20 collaborators can edit a Box Note at the same time, with updates viewable by other collaborators as they happen — in real time. Box Notes saves to the folder every couple of seconds.
  • Basic text formatting: Box Notes offers lightweight text editing features, enabling you to adjust the text size, color, emphasis (bold, italic, or underline) and alignment. You can also apply bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Annotations: Annotate sections of text in a Box Note by highlighting the text and clicking the Add Annotation icon that appears. You can make multiple annotations on a single string of selected text. After you type your annotation and click Post, the annotated text will be highlighted in yellow. Hover over the annotated text with your mouse to view the comment(s).
  • Hyperlinks: Add hyperlinks to text in a Box Note by highlighting the text and clicking the chain link icon that appears. Enter the hyperlink and press Enter. A collaborator can click the linked text to navigate to the appropriate web page.

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